Hi, I'm Nate Mecham. I use creativity, design, and development to make things that are beautiful and efficient. I like challenges, and I collect solutions. Check out my work.

I designed and developed this To Do app to help me with productivity.

Components, promises, and state. Lately been doing some deep diving into React. I'm giving this simple web app the full service, from code to UX.

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I designed the identity and developed the website for Wordsworth & Booth.

The goal was to show the fictional, long-standing heritage of this new audio production company.

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I designed and animated this recap video for CBS Altitude.

They wanted to highlight a nationwide partnership with Sears.

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I conceptualized, planned and developed this project tracking system.

CBS Radio needed a better understanding of what departments, people and efforts went into each project to allow for better analysis and accountability.

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HQ is an project management tool that allows team leaders to create custom forms for receiving assignments, assign projects to team members, and track the progress of a project between different department’s participation. Team members receive their assignments and assignment information and get alerted when the status of the project they worked on has changed. For projects that bring in revenue there is a P&L sheet and revenue reporting feature.

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I conceptulized, directed, and developed this website for CBS Altitude.

A strong team effort to create a website that captured the voice and character of this unique division of CBS Radio.

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CSS-Only Interactive Map

Case Studies

Case Study Animations

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I directed the production and post-production of this content series for Lexus.

The CBS Radio and Lexus partnership highlighted great performance on the road and on the green.

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I designed this logo for US99 in Chicago.

The country radio station wanted to refresh their look and show their strong ties to the Chicago community.

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US99 | Chicago Flag

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I designed and animated this video for CBS Radio.

Affluent baby boomers have spending money like never before and they wanted to to share the news.

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